Block Party Success!

We had a beautiful Sunday the afternoon of  September 25th to meet with neighbors and friends.  A special appearance from Alison Galloway, Vice Chancellor at UC Santa Cruz.   


The event seeks to unite neighbors one block at a time, by creating an opportunity for all neighbors to participate in a block party, barbecue, ice cream social, potluck, sharing games and music.


Thanks to all the volunteers who set up tables, chairs, and umbrellas!  Thanks to the Jocelyn residents for sharing their street!  We need more streets to volunteer next year!


One of the goals of Santa Cruz Neighbors Block Party is to reduce the potential for conflicts by promoting familiarity and open communication among neighbors. Also brings neighbors together for Neighborhood Watch safety reasons or to resolve something they want to change. These activities will give neighbors an opportunity to introduce themselves, exchange phone numbers and emails for neighborhood watch lists or plan future neighborhood events and communication.


A neighborhood that communicates is a safer and healthier neighborhood.