Is the Fort McMurray Fire an Early Warning for Our Neighborhood?

Concerned neighbors met five years ago, worried about potential fires from illegal camping in the 18 acres of riparian corridor between our neighborhood and the county buildings.  Overlapping fire districts for this area coupled with the very steep terrain, meant that fighting a fire would prove challenging.   Meetings with the police, fire departments, our County Supervisor and members of the City Council resulted in a program sponsored by Save our Shores to clean up the illegal campsites and remove the debris.

Now we are faced with the effects of climate change impinging on our own neighborhood. Warming temperatures and extraordinary drought increase the likelihood of fires in wooded areas.  We need new thinking by our local government about how to manage green belts in the face of extremely dry conditions.  It is time for a meeting with the City of Santa Cruz Forester, Leslie Keedy.  

Leslie Keedy, Urban Forester.  323 Chuch Street.  Santa Cruz  Tel.  831.420.5246